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Volume 58, Number 3 / 2004, Pages 148 – 220

Relation among the Aggregation of Boehmite Particles in Sols, Microstructure of Gels, nod Crystallization of Corundum 149 154
Z. Holková, L. Pach, D. Lath, and J. Krištín
Potentiometric end Thermodynamic Studies of 2-Acrylamidosulfacetamide and its Metal Complexes in Monomeric and Polymeric Forms 155 159
A. S. Al-Shihri, A. M. Abdel-Hady, and A. A. El-Bindary
Extraction Distribution of Micronmox|nts of Strontium in the Two-Phase Water—HCl—Nitrobenzene—Benzo-15-crown-5—Hydrogen Dicarbollylcobaltate System 160 162
E. Makrlík and M. Vobecký
The Sereď Leached Nickel Ores Residues - A Magnetic Sorbent for Fission Radionuclides and Lead Contaminants of Solids 163 169
F. Macášek, J. Kufčáková, P. Rajec, R. Kopunec, Š. Jakabský, M. Lovás, and S. Hredzák
Sorption of Metal Ions on Lignite and Humic Acids 170 175
M. Klučáková and L. Omelka
MA1 CI, STO-3G, and 6-31G Study of Amino Derivatives of Diazaphenanthrenes 176 183
J. Peszke, L. Chrzastek, and W. Sliwa
An Approach to Adaptive Control of a CSTR 184 190
P. Dostál, M. Bakošová, and V. Bobál
Preparation and Refinement of Microamorphous Silica 191 194
D. Hršak, J. Malina, and G. Sučik
Determination of Silicon in Tantalum nod its Compounds Using ICP-OES 195 199
G. Anil, M. R. P. Reddy, A. Kumar, and T. L. Prakash
Synthesis and Electron Impact of Mass Spectra of 3-Substituted Chromeno[3,2-c]chromen-6,7-diones 200 204
I. M. El-Deen and H. K. Ibrahim
Synthesis and Reactions of 5,6,7,8-Tetrabromo-4(3,4-dimethylphenyl)-1H-2,3-benzoxazin-l-one 205 208
A. L. El. Shenawy
Ennminonitrile in Heterocyclic Synthesis: Synthesis and Reactions of Some Pyrimidine Derivatives 209 213
H. H. Abdel-Razik and S. B. Said
Antimycobacterial 1-Aryl-5-benzylsulfanyltetrazoles 214 219
K. Waisser, J. Adamec, J. Kuneš, and J. Kaustová

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