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Volume 47, Number 2 / 1993, Pages 69 – 136

 Theoretical Study of Proton Affinities of Some N-Bases of Biological Importance 69 71
M. Remko
Some Problems of Regression Analysis in the Spectrodissymmetry 72 75
M. Liška, J. Antalík, and J. Vavra
Isobaric Binary Equilibrium Data for the System Water—Benzothiazole at 101.3 kPa 75 78
E. Graczová, J. Surový, J. Kozma, and J. Ovečková
EPR Study of Montmorillonites from Several Deposits 79 84
R. Lück, R. Stösser, D. Gyepesová, H. Slosiariková, and L. Kolditz
Sorption of Hexadecylammonium Ions on Reduced Charge Montmorillonite 85 87
J. Bujdák, H. Slosiariková, and B. Číčel
Anomalous Electrochemical Phenomena during Corrosion of Aluminium in NaOH Solutions at Low Cathodic and Anodic Polarization 88 92
S.A. Awad and S.S. Mahmoud
Classification of Chlorinated Phenols by Pattern Recognition Method on the Basis of Mass Spectra Losses 93 98
P. Jurášek, M. Slimák, R. Brežný, Š. Vodný, and M. Košík
Theoretical Investigation on the Structure of 9-Anthrylmethyl Cation 99 101
V. Enchev, V.D. Toncheva, and R.S. Velichkova
13C NMR Study of 1-Substituted 2-Тhioхо-4(1H,ЗН)-quinazolinones Employing the 1D and 2D Methods 102 105
J. Imrich, T. Bušová, D. Koščik, and T. Liptaj
Study of the Properties of Ethyl Isothiocyanatocarboxylates by Means of Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectroscopy 106 108
O. Rajniaková and Ľ. Floch
A Simple Route to N-Methylarylamines 109 113
Z. Daszkiewicz, A. Domanski, and J.B. Kyziol
Synthesis and Antibacterial Properties of 7-[(2-Heteroarylthiazolo[3,2-b]-s-triazol-5-yl)acetamido]- cephalosporanic Acid Derivatives 114 121
M. Veverka
Metastable Ion Kinetic Energy and Collision-Induced Dissociation Study of Per-O-acetylated D-Trehaloses under the Conditions of Electron Impact and Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry 122 124
V. Pätoprstá, V. Kováčik, and Š. Kučár
A Reinvestigation of the Ruff Degradation of a C-2 Branched Chain Saccharinic Acid 124 126
L. Lukáč, A. Krihová, M. Matulová, and L. Petruš
Mannans of the Cell Walls of the Yeast and Mycelial Forms of Candida tropicalis 127 131
L. Masler, G. Kogan, V. Šimkovicová, and J. Šandula
Photooxidation of the Composite Lignin/Polypropylene Films 132 136
B. Košíková, M. Kačuráková, and V. Demianová
 In Memoriam Ing. Viliam Klimo, CSc. 136 136
J. Tiňo

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