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Volume 47, Number 6 / 1993, Pages 339 – 405

Structure of the Melts of the System KF—K2Mo04 339 341
V. Daněk and M. Chrenková
Phase Diagram of the KF—K2Mo04—B203 System 342 345
O. Patarák, Z. Jantáková, and V. Daněk
Chemical Isolation of Precipitates in IF Steels 346 350
H. Bruncková and Š. Nižník
Influence of the Binary Solvent Methanol—Water on the Values of Protonation Constants in the H+—Alanine System 350 353
R. Murgašová and A. Hanudeľ
Influence of Polar Medium on the Barrier Energy of 1—2 Isomerization of Methoxyl Radical A Study by ab initio Cavity Model 354 355
P. Mach, O. Kyseľ, and P. Neogrády
Influence of the Fibre Macromorphology on the Adhesive Strength 356 358
A. Murárová, M. Jambrich, I. Zamboj, and J. Reviľáková
The Possible Application of Dissolution Measurements to the Study of Composite Films 358 361
D. Bakoš, B. Havlínová, and M. Mikula
Fatty Acids Oxidation Studied by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance. 1. Initiation with Coordinated Peroxy Radicals and Reactions with Spin-Trapper DMPO 362 368
A. Tkáč and R. Stovíček
Fatty Acids Oxidation  Studied by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance. 2. Detection of Transient Free Radicals of Oleic, Linoleic, and Linolenic Acids 369 375
A. Tkáč and R. Stovíček
Automatic Calibration of the METREX Analyzer 376 381
A. Zemanovičová, M. Karšaiová, M. Bakošová, and R. Keseli
Amidinoyl Isothiocyanates in the Synthesis of Condensed Quinazolines Preparation of 3-Aryl-9-chloro-5-morpholino[1,2,4]triazolo-[4,3-c]quinazolines and Their [1,5-c] Isomers 382 385
K. Špirková, J. Horňaček, and Š. Stankovský
Dihydropyrans from the Heterodienic Reaction of 5-Arylidenerhodanine Derivatives with Isoprene 385 387
M.A. Abdel-Rahman
Reactions of Methyl Derivatives of 2-Penten-5-olide, 2-Buten-4-olide, and Coumarin with Dicarboxylic Anhydrides and with 3-Formylchromones under the Perkin Synthesis Conditions 388 392
G. S. Melikyan, M. Lácová, K. Kráľová, H. M. Elshaaer, M. Henselová, and A. A. Avetisyan
Preparation, Infrared Spectra, and Growth-Regulating Activity of 2-Substituted Benzimidazoles 393 400
M. Lácová, S. Abliami, A. Perjéssy, K. Kráľová, and J. Chovancová
Water-Soluble Polysaccharides of Poplar (Populus alba L.) Callus Tissue Cell Wall 400 405
Š. Karácsonyi

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