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Volume 45, Number 1 / 1991, Pages 3 – 138

Influence of temperature, vanadium concentration, and degree of solution acidification on composition of the solid products. 13. Products of the reactions taking place in acidified solutions of lanthanum and yttrium vanadates 3 9
V. Suchá, I. Kurhajcová, and Č. Gőczeová
Mixed selenates in the systems [(CH3)4N]2SeO4-MSeO4-H2O  (M=Mg and Ni) 11 20
P. Vojtíšek, Z. Sieglová, and M. Ebert
Supercooling ability of lithium nitrate solutions in ethylene glycol 21 25
I. Sláma and J. Malá
Synthesis of the zeolite ZSM-5 by using seed crystals 27 33
D. Mravec, D. Riečanová, J. Ilavský, and J. Majling
Oxidation of triphenylphosphine by dioxygen in the presence of iron(III) perchlorate 35 40
I. Ondrejkovičová, V. Vančová, and G. Ondrejovič
Preparation and some properties of cyano complexes of the [M(CN)5L]3-type 41 45
J. Skoršepa and K. Győryová
Dissociation model of the electrical conductivity of molten-salt mixtures. 4. Binary reciprocal univalent systems 47 52
V. Daněk, M. Chrenková, and M. Hura
The application of microelectrodes for amperometric titrations 53 60
H. Hofbauerová, D. Bustin, S. Mesároš, and M. Rievaj
Determination of traces of sodium and potassium in gallium arsenide by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry and flame atomic emission spectrometry 61 68
E. Beinrohr, B. Síleš, J. Štefanec, and V. Rattay
Measurement of transient signals in flame atomic absorption spectrometry. A theoretical approach 69 74
E. Beinrohr
Investigation of the separation efficiency in static and dynamic preconcentration extractions by a numerical method 75 80
Š. Palágyi and A. Mitro
Modification of glass capillary inner surface for chromatography 81 89
M. Cigánek, K. Tesařík, M. Horká, and K. Janák
Preparation of 2-deoxy-D-  and L-erythro-pentoses by electrooxidative reduction of the respective glucometasaccharinic acids in the presence of cerium(IV) ions 91 94
Š. Kučár, J. Kozák, and J. Kubala
5H-isoindolo[1,2-b][3]benzazepines. 7. Cyclization of N-substituted derivatives of narceone imide 95 104
B. Proksa, A. Vadkerti, and D. Uhrín
Flavonoids in flowers of Calendula officinalis L. 105 108
I. Mašterová, Z. Grančaiová, S. Uhrínová, V. Suchý, K. Ubik, and M. Nagy
Reactions of bromotrimethylsilane with lignin and lignin model compounds 109 118
S.M. Shevchenko, L.G. Akim, A.G. Apushkinsky, and V.A. Gindin
Accelerating effects of ferrocene in polymerization reactions 119 125
P. Kalenda and J. Jarušek
Influence of metal stearates on thermal-stability of poly(vinyl chloride). 2. Magnesium stearate 127 134
P. Šimon, J. Oremusová, L. Valko, and P. Kovařík
Superconductivity - a new insight offered by a nonadiabatic molecular electron-vibrational theory 135 138
P. Baňacký, M. Svrček, and A. Zajac

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