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Volume 45, Number 3 / 1991, Pages 289 – 432

A  CNDO/S3' study of lignin model quinone methides and related cations 289 297
S.G. Semenov and S.M. Shevchenko
The cathodic hydrogen evolution reaction at the tin electrode in molten organic salt 299 302
B. Wiecek
Equatorial axial interactions of ligands and photochemical properties of Co(III) complexes containing tetradentate ligands 303 312
J. Šima, L. Grib, and V. Jalčoviková
Dynamic modeling of activated-sludge process. 3. Statistical model 313 320
M. Králik, J. Derco, J. Farkaš, and P. Gubová
Dielectric-properties of binary mixtures of some amines in nonpolar solvents-linear correlation factor, excess molar polarization, and excess Gibbs energy 321 329
S. Tripathy and B.B. Swain
Synthesis and thermogravimetric investigation of the complexes of general formula TiCl3LnL'm (n + m = 3) 331 340
M. Kohútová and M. Zikmund
Optimization of conditions for size-exclusion chromatography of proteins 341 348
D. Hagarová, M. Horváthová, V. Žúbor, and A. Breier
Mass spectra of 1,3-dipolar cycloadducts of benzo[h]naphthyridinium N-phenacylides 349 356
B. Bachowska and W. Śliwa
Light scattering in acetone-chloroform and acetone-chloroform-poly(methyl methacrylate) mixtures 357 361
J. Vavra and F. Chromek
Catalytic reductive carbonylation of nitrobenzene to methyl N-phenylcarbamate 363 368
V. Macho, Š. Morávek, and J. Ilavský
Acetonation of methyl glycosides possessing a cis-diol system in the presence of tin(II) chloride-pyridine complex 369 372
R. Toman
Preparation and antiinflammatory action of thiocarbazone derivatives and their complexes with Cu(II) and Au(III) 373 378
Z. Zheng-Zhi and M. Yong-Xiang
Influence of metal stearates on thermal stability of poly(vinyl chloride). 3. Zinc stearate 379 388
J. Oremusová, P. Šimon, L. Valko, and P. Kovařík
Influence of metal stearates on thermal stability of poly(vinyl chloride). 4. Lead stearate 389 399
P. Šimon, J. Oremusová, and L. Valko
Synthesis and herbicidal activity of 6-(aryloxy-R1-amido)-2-R2-thiobenzothiazoles 401 409
M. Lácová, E. Sidóová, Š. Varkonda, and O. Hýblová
Synthesis and pesticidal activity of acyl derivatives of 4-chloro-2-aminobenzothiazole and the products of their reduction 411 418
M. Lácová, J. Chovancová, O. Hýblová, and Š. Varkonda
1,3-Dipolar cycloadditions of heterocycles. 21. Cycloaddition of 2,5-dimethyl-3-furonitrile oxide with cyclic and heterocyclic-compounds 419 426
E. Jedlovská and Ľ. Fišera
Professor Ing. Mikuláš Matherny, DrSc. Sixty Years Old 431 432
K. Flórián

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