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Volume 39, Number 3 / 1985, Pages 289 – 427

Theoretical-study of the rotational barrier height of the anisole molecule for different solvents and partition-coefficients solvent water 289 294
L. Turi Nagy and M. Jančárova
Electrochemical study of thiosemicarbazide 295 302
H. Hofbauerová, J. Mocák, and E. Beinrohr
Oxidation of bis(dialkyldithiocarbamato)nickel(ii) with bromine and iodine 303 315
E. Beinrohr and J. Garaj
New complexanes .45. Acid-base and chelate-forming properties of surface-active complexanes of the type of 2-alkyl-nitrilotriacetic acids 317 327
S. Lubkeová, P. Balgavý, E. Fuleová, V. Novák, M. Svičeková, and I. Valášková and J. Majer
Investigation of 8-mercaptoquinoline (thiooxine) and its derivatives .110. Physicochemical properties of 5-amino-8-mercaptoquinoline 329 344
D. Zaruma, M. Cirule, I. Zuika, Z. Brüvers, M. Zikmund, and Ya. Bankovskii
Investigation of 8-mercaptoquinoline (thiooxine) and its derivatives .111. Interaction with metal-ions and properties of inner complex-compounds of 2-propyl-8-mercaptoquinoline 345 352
Ak. Stüris, Ap. Stüris, Ly. Pecha, M. Zikmund, and Ya. Bankovskii
Composition of the fluorooxoperoxo complexes of vanadium(v) crystallizing from acid-medium 353 360
P. Schwendt, D. Joniaková, and V. Ezr
Structure properties of dealuminated Y-zeolites 361 367
V. Patzelová, A. Zukal, and J. Kloubek
Study of the thermal stability of the natural zeolite heulandite 369 377
F. Pechar and D. Rykl
Dispersion polymerization of methyl-methacrylate in heptane 379 390
O. Šušoliak and J. Bartoň
Claisen condensation of dimethyl 2,3-thiophenedicarboxylate with methyl acetate and acetonitrile 391 400
M. Struhárik and P. Hrnčiar
Preparation and c-13 nmr-spectra of some disaccharide glycosylmethylamines 401 406
L. Petruš, J. Alföldi, M. Matulová, and V. Bílik
Preparation of o-(3-formylmethoxy-2-hydroxypropyl)cellulose 407 411
L. Petruš and M. Petrušová
 Synthesis and pesticidal activity of alkylthiomethylphenyl N-methyl- or N,N-dimethylcarbamates 413 427
V. Konečný

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