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Volume 60, Number 5 / 2006, Pages 327 – 398

FTIR study of gamma-irradiated cis-1,4-polyisoprene 327 332
J. Polovková, E. Klein, Z. Cibulková, and V. Lukeš
Comparison of betaine and l -stachydrine as phase-transfer catalysts in Michael addition and Darzens reaction 333 337
E. Veverková, R. Droppová, and Š. Toma
Synthesis and cyclization reactions with pyrazolopyrimidinyl keto esters part I. Reactivity of pyrazolopyrimidinyl β-keto ester and pyrazolopyrimidinyl α,β-unsaturated ketones 338 347
M. A. A. Awas
Electrodeposition of mercury film on electrodes modified with clay minerals 348 352
Z. Navrátilová and L. Vaculíková
Properties of Ni-W alloy coatings on steel substrate 353 359
Z. Gáliková, M. Chovancová, and V. Danielik
Effect of chloride ions on the kinetics of nitrobenzene reduction by powdered iron 360 364
M. Heželová, Ľ. Pikna, D. Kladeková, and L. Lux
Displacement washing of pulp with urea solutions 365 370
F. Potůček and M. Pulcer
Methane esterification in oleum 371 374
B. Michalkiewicz
Momentum transfer in an agitated vessel with off-centred impellers 375 380
M. Cudak and J. Karcz
Optimal control of a two-stage reactor system 381 387
T. Hirmajer and M. Fikar
Effect of span 20 concentration on oxalic acid production from post-refining fatty acids by Aspergillus niger XP 388 390
I. Musial, W. Rymowicz, and D. Witkowska
Citric acid production from raw glycerol by acetate mutants of Yarrowia lipolytica 391 394
W. Rymowicz, A. Rywińska, B. Żarowska, and P. Juszczyk
Phosphonium ionic liquids as new, reactive extractants of lactic acid 395 398
J. Marták and Š. Schlosser

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