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Volume 38, Number 4 / 1984, Pages 433 – 576

Cryometry on the basis of complex chemical compounds. II. The analysis of possible interactions in a binary system one component of which is a complex compound 433 447
M. Malinovský
 Experimental study of the phase equilibria in the systems NaCl—NaF—Na3FSO4 and NaCl—Na2SO4 —Na3FSO4 449 454
J. Gabčová and I. Koštenská
Viscosity and molar conductivity of solutions of lithium nitrate in dimethyl sulfoxide 455 461
Z. Kodejš, J. Novák, and I. Sláma
Application of plasmochemical processes in treatment of properties of macromolecular materials. II. Surface treatment of polypropylene by oxygen-nitrogen plasma in the fluidized bed 463 470
J. Derco, A. Lodes, L. Lapčík, and J. Blecha
Theoretical interpretation of substituent effects on C:O stretching vibration of s-trans and s-cis conformations of α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds 471 478
A. Perjéssy and R. Ponec
Application of information theory to atomic spectrochemistry. I. General and specific theoretical explanations 479 489
M. Matherny and K. Eckschlager
Reactions of saccharides catalyzed by molybdate ions. XXXIII. Use of α-[U-14C]glucan for preparation of 14C-labeled saccharides 491 498
V. Bílik, P. Biely, and J. Kolina
Reactions of saccharides catalyzed by molybdate ions. XXXIV. Molybdate complexes of furanoid structures of aldoses 499 505
V. Bílik, J. Alföldi, and E. Soókyová
Semisynthetic cephalosporines. I. An improved synthesis of 5-aryl-2-furancarboxylic acids 507 513
Ľ. Janda and Z. Votický
Synthesis, spectral properties, and pesticidal activity of thiophosphorylsemicarbazides 515 521
V. Konečný, J. Žúžiová, and Š. Kováč
Synthesis and biological properties of dithiocarbamic acid esters. XI. Pesticidal activity of N-(alkyl or aryl)-3,4-bis(N',N'-dialkylthiocarbamoylthio)maleimides 523 530
V. Konečný
Selective chemisorbents. IV. Cleavable binding of thiols to S-alkylthiosulfate derivatives of cellulose 531 538
P. Gemeiner and L. Petruš
Relationship between the  13C NMR chemical shift and substituent effects in the series of meta- and para-substituted phenyl isothiocyanates 539 548
I. Danihel, P. Kristián, S. Böhm, and J. Kuthan
Preparation of substituted 2-phenyl-4-anilinoquinazolines through imidoylcarbodiimides 549 555
Š. Stankovský and D. Mrázová
1,3-Dipolar cycloadditions of heterocycles. XIII. Cycloaddition of 9-anthracenecarbonitrile oxide to oxygen-containing heterocycles 557 565
Ľ. Fišera, L. Štibrányi, and V. Oremus

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