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Volume 57, Number 2 / 2003, Pages 63 – 140

Molecular Interaction in the Ternary Mixture of Acetylacetone with (Carbon Tetrachloride and Heptane) – Linear Correlation Factor, Excess Molar Polarization, and Excess Gibbs Energy of Mixing 63 67
S. Acharya
Surface Tension of Melts of the System KF—K2MoO4—SiO2 68 72
M. Boča, M. Kucharík, R. Vasiljev, and V. Daněk
Enthalpic Analysis of Potassium Heptafluorotantalate 73 77
I. Nerád, E. Mikšíková, and V. Daněk
Thermal Studies of Some Ionic Chelate Complexes of Bis(cyclopentadienyl)hafnium(IV) 78 82
E. Malhotra, N. K. Kaushik, and G. S. Sodhi
Different Thermal Decomposition Process of Lanthanide Complexes with 83 86
B. Yan, H. J. Zhang, G. L. Zhou, and J. Z. Ni
Study of Binary Complexes of Several Transition Metal Ions with D-Naproxen in Methanol—Water Medium by Potentiometry 87 90
Y. C. Zhu, S. C. Yan, X. N. Dong, G. F. Zuo, J. G. Wu, and R. W. Deng
Synthesis and Characterization of Some Cobalt(III) Complexes Containing Heterocyclic Nitrogen Donor Ligands 91 96
S. C. Nayak, P. K. Das, and K. K. Sahoo
Preparation and the Standard Enthalpy of Formation of 2-Amino-4,6-dimethoxypyrimidine and the Related Complexes of Copper 97 101
W. Qing, Y. Xuwu, G. Shengli, and S. Qizhen
Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Magnetic Properties of a Novel Trinuclear Mixed-Valence Oxo-Bridged Manganese Complex Formed by Ligand-Substituted Reaction Mn3O(ClC6H5CO2)2(CH3C6H5CO2)4(3-Methylpyridine) 0.5CH3CN 102 107
B. Yan
ExtractionDistribution of Microamounts of Strontium in the Two-Phase Water—NH4Cl—15-Crown-5—Nitrobenzene—AmmoniumDicarbollylcobaltate System 108 111
P. Vaňura, E. Makrlík, and M. Vobecký
Near UV Spectroscopy and Electronic Structure of Dibenzo-p-dioxin, the Parent Compound of Highly Food-Polluting Agents 112 118
B. Vidal
Utility of Sulfones in Heterocyclic Synthesis: Synthesis of Some New Polysubstituted Pyran and Pyridine Derivatives 119 124
H. H. Abdel-Razik
Synthesis of a Precursor of a Lipid A Mimic 125 130
M. Baráth, M. Petrušová, S. Bystrický, V. Křen, and L. Petruš
Determination of Total Contents of Cd, Pb, Cr, Ni, As, Cu, Zn, Co, V, Mo in Some Slovak Soils 131 135
J. Laštincová, L. Pospíšilová, L. Matúšková, E. Kaderová, and E. Beinrohr
An Efficient and Selective Solvent-Free Oxidation of Alcohols 136 138
J.-D. Lou and L.-Z. Wang
50th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Institute of Chemistry of the Slovak Academy of Sciences 139 140
K. Babor

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