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Volume 33, Number 3 / 1979, Pages 189 – 432

Maximum overlap approximation calculations on polyatomic molecules. III. Nature of the maximum overlap criterion 289 299
R. Boča, P. Pelikán, and L. Valko
Valence orbital ionization potentials of K(2)L(8)M(18)4s24p64d105sm5pn atoms and ions 300 304
P. Pelikán, M. Liška, M. Breza, and L. Turi Nagy
Kinetic study of the redox reaction of the cerium(IV) ions with hypophosphites in a solution of sulfuric acid 310 317
J. Hatala and Ľ. Treindl
Halocopper(II) complexes in acetic acid anhydride. III. Spontaneous redox changes of chloro- and bromocopper(II) complexes 318 322
Z. Biela and J. Gažo
Kinetics of alkaline hydrolysis of the monoethyl ester of adipic acid 323 328
V. Holba
Problem of liquid junction potential in molten salt solutions 329 334
J. Josiak and J. Terpilowski
Formation of heteropolyanions as a result of acid-base reactions in nitrate melts 335 346
M. Drátovský and I. Urban
Study of interfacial diffusion in the system solid poly(vinyl acetate)-solvent by the Matano-Boltzmann method. Numerical processing of experimental data 347 356
V. Kellö, J. Očadlík, J. Polavka, L. Lapčík, P. Kusý, and J. Panák
Adiabatic adsorption of carbon dioxide in fixed bed of the molecular sieve Calsit 5 357 364
D. Bobok, E. Kossaczký, and V. Báleš
Improvements in the synthesis of xylobiose (4-O-β-D-xylopyranosyl-D-xylopyranose) 365 370
P. Kováč
Synthesis and properties of 4,4'-substituted O-benzoylbenzamide oximes 371 376
F. Grambal, J. Lasovský, V. Bekárek, and V. Šimánek
Mass spectrometry of uronic acid derivatives. XIII. Effect of some C-1 substituents upon the mass spectral fragmentation of methyl 2,3,4-tri-O-acetylhexopyranuronates 377 386
V. Mihalov, V. Kováčik, and P. Kováč
Contributions to the study of some heterocycles. XLV. Configuration of the ketoximes of some substituted 4-acetyl-2-phenylthiazoles 387 396
H. Demian, S. Mager, I. Schwartz, and I. Simiti
Isomerization of pentoses and 2-pentuloses by inorganic phosphates 397 403
Ľ. Stankovič and J. Königstein
Solvolysis of O-acyl-10-hydroxy-10,11-dihydro-indeno[1,2-c]isoquinolin-5,11-diones 404 409
T. Kučerová, J. Mollin, and J. Michalský
Determination of aromatic amines by the method of direct injection enthalpimetry 410 419
M. Šťastný, J. Vulterin, R. Volf, and P. Maršolek

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