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Volume 30, Number 2 / 1976, Pages 145 – 272

 Phase coexistence in the system Mg3(PO4)2—Ca3(PO4)2—Na3PO4 145 152
J. Majling and F. Hanic
Background correction in emission spectrochemistry. II. Influence of the background correction on the values of scatter diagram parameters 153 159
M. Matherny
Application of titanometry to titrations in alkaline media. V. Determination of hydroxylamine and some of its derivatives in dimethylformamide 160 166
E. Ružička
Dehydration of gypsum in the water suspension 167 169
J. Kazimír
LCAO MO investigations of lignin model compounds. I. CNDO/2 calculations of intramolecular hydrogen bond O-H...OCH3 in models of the guaiacol and syringyl type 170 173
M. Remko and J. Polčin
Buxus alkaloids. XIII. Alkaloids from Buxus sempervirens var. argentea Hort. ex. Steud 174 178
K. I. Kuchková, Z. Votický, and V. Paulík
Benzothiazole compounds. VIII. Synthesis and microbiological activity of N-substituted 6-amino-2-methylthiobenzothiazoles 179 185
V. Sutoris, Ľ. Orosová, and P. Foltínová
Benzothiazole compounds. IX. Synthesis and comparison of antibacterial activity of esters of (2-benzothiazolyl)acetic acid, (6-X-2-benzothiazolylthio)acetic acid, and of β-(6-X-2-benzothiazolylthio)propionic acid 186 194
Ľ. Orosová, V. Sutoris, P. Foltínová, and Š. Haviarová
Benzothiazole compounds. X. Mannich reaction of 2-mercaptobenzothiazole with primary amines 195 199
E. Holbová, V. Sutoris, and G. Blőckinger
Separation of hydroxyanthraquinones by chromatography 200 207
B. Rittich and M. Šimek
Separation of quinone 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazones by thin-layer chromatography 208 212
B. Rittich and M. Šimek
Isothiocyanates. XLVII. Reaction of substituted benzyl isothiocyanates with diazomethane 213 216
M. Uher, M. Hroboňová, A. Martvoň, and J. Leško
Isothiocyanates. XLVIII. Preparation and mass spectra of 1,2,3-thiadiazoles 217 222
M. Uher, A. Rybár, A. Martvoň, and J. Leško
5,6-Unsaturated amylose derivatives 223 225
Š. Bauer and K. Tihlárik
Alkaloids from Berberis julianae Schneid. II 226 228
D. Košťalová, B. Brázdovičová, and J. Tomko
Study of the effect of substituents on the electronic structure of the silver and potassium salts of 3-(substituted phenyl)iminoxindoles 229 236
A. Košturiak, M. Šingliar, and A. Ninčáková
Claisen rearrangement of allyl aryl ethers 237 245
J. Střešinka
Isothiocyanates. XLVI. Preparation of macromolecular polyisothiocyanates 246 253
J. Augustín, Ľ. Drobnica, and P. Gemeiner
Isothiocyanates. XLVII. Characterization of macromolecular polyisothiocyanates 254 260
P. Gemeiner, J. Augustín, and Ľ. Drobnica
Equilibrium data of the liquid-vapor systems containing acetone, vinyl acetate, crotonaldehyde, and acetic acid. III. Experimental data for isothermal multicomponent systems processed by means of the Wilson and Renon equations. Conversion of isothermal data into isobaric data 261 270
W. Waradzin and J. Surový

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