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Volume 27, Number 2 / 1973, Pages 145 – 288

Isomerism of nickel(II) complexes. Vi. Two isomeric forms of bis(isothiocyanato)bis(quinoline)nickel(II) dihydrate 145 151
E. Jóna, T. Šramko, and J. Gažo
Thermal analysis of some double decavanadates 152 158
Ľ. Ulická and Č. Vargová
Diffusivity of lead(II) ions in a system of molten chlorides 159 164
M. Uhrová and M. Malinovský
 Some aspects of the electrolytic preparation of silicon alloys 165 171
K. Grjotheim, K. Matiašovský, and P. Fellner
 Measurement of viscosity of fused salts. I. Method of measurement. Viscosity of Li3AlF6 and Na3AlF6 172 182
I. Votava and K. Matiašovský
Influence of the a.c. intermittent arc electrical parameters on the excitation of the atomic spectra. V. Spectrochemical properties of full wave a.c. arc 183 192
K. Flórián and M. Matherny
Anion exchange in mixed solvent systems. IV. Determination of the mean ligand numbers of chloro complexes of Co, Ce, Ba, and Cs in mixed solvents and in anion exchanger 193 198
M. Fojtík and V. Koprda
Reaction of ammonium salt of thioorotic acid with nickel(II) ions 199 203
J. Šimek, J. Lasovský, M. Král, and E. Ružička
Heterocyclic azo dyes as analytical reagents. II. 2-(5,5-Dimethyl-4,5,6,7-tetrahydrobenzthiazolyl-2-azo)-5-hydroxyphenol and its complexes with copper(II), nickel(II), cadmium(II), zinc(II), and lead(II) 204 217
J. Kandráč and E. Kuchár
Potentiometric titration of polyuronic acids 218 226
R. Kohn
Polarographic study of the hydrolysis of 3-(p-aminoanil)isatin in alkaline medium 227 231
A. Košturiak and R. Domanský
Degradation of polymers with a conjugation system 232 238
G. V. Belova and A. A. Berlin
Kinetic study of dissolution of poly(vinyl chloride) in tetrahydrofuran cyclohexanone, cyclopentanone, and N,N-dimethylformamide 239 248
L. Lapčík, V. Kellö, and J. Očadlík
Inhibition effect of phenothiazine on the oxidation of natural rubber 249 254
J. Hrivíková and V. Kellö
Compatibility of photostabilizers with isotactic polypropylene 255 262
J. Mikovič, P. Ambrovič, Z. Maňásek, and M. Karvaš
Redox polymerization systems for the preparation of grafted polypropylene. I. Grafting of polypropylene with styrene in the presence of triethylenetetramine metal chelates 263 267
D. Mikulášová and P. Citovický
Redox polymerization systems for the preparation of grafted polypropylene. II. Grafting of polypropylene with vinyl or diene monomers in the presence of iron(2+) ion chelates 268 272
P. Citovický, D. Mikulášová, and V. Chrástová
Spectroscopic investigations on derivatives of tetrahydrofuran. III. Carbocyanine dyes meso-Substituted with a tetrahydrofurfuryl group 273 279
J. Čiernik, V. Hrušková, and M. Kratochvíl
Isothiocyanates and their synthetic producers. XIII. Preparation and spectral properties of 2,5,6-trisubstituted 5,6-dihydro-4H-1,3,5-thiadiazine-4-thiones 280 285
P. Kristián, D. Koščík, and J. Bernát

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