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Volume 27, Number 4 / 1973, Pages 433 – 576

Kinetic solvent isotope effect on the redox reaction of uranium(IV) ions with ferricyanide ions 433 436
Ľ. Treindl and Ľ. Adamčíková
Polarography of aluminum(III) in the presence of complexing agents 437 445
M. Galová and V. Szmereková
Determination of cobalt(II) by controlled potential coulometry 446 450
M. Čakrt, J. Berčík, and Z. Hladký
The coexistence of crystalline phases in the MgO-rich part of the system CaO—MgO—Si02—Na20—P205 451 460
I. Kaprálik and M. Potančok
Heterocyclic azo dyes as analytical reagents. III. Preparation and study of 1-(7-oxo-5,5-dimethyl-4,5,6,7-tetrahydrobenzothiazolyl-2-azo)-2-hydroxy-4,5-dimethylbenzene and its chelates with copper(II), cobalt(II), and nickel(II) 461 466
E. Kuchár, T. Tormová, and E. Martinovičová
Polarographic reduction of 2-carboxybenzophenone derivatives. I. Reduction of 4'-substituted aroylbenzoic acids 467 476
V. Marek
Liquid-liquid equilibrium in the system 1-dodecene-1,2-dodecene oxide-methanol 477 481
J. Vojtko, M. Hrušovský, K. Fančovič, V. Rattay, and R. Hargaš
Preparation, isolation, and identification of 1,2,2-trichlorobutane 482 487
J. Vojtko, V. Rattay, and M. Hrušovský
Synthesis, properties, and reactions of heterodienes. II. Reactions of cinnamoyl isothiocyanates with enamines and spectral study of the reaction products 488 496
M. Dzurilla, P. Kristián, and E. Demjánová
Synthesis and biological properties of aryl and pyridazinyl sulfonates 497 511
V. Konečný and J. Demečko
Thiophene derivatives. II. α,β-Unsaturated ketones of phenylthiophene series 512 520
J. Kováč, Ľ. Fišera, and R. Frimm
Thiophene derivatives. III. Preparation and properties of some 3,5-disubstituted rhodanines 521 524
V. Knoppová, Ľ. Fišera, and J. Kováč
On phthalides and 1,3-indandiones. LIII. Phthalides and 1,3-indandiones from (arylthio)acetic and aryloxyacetic acids 525 535
M. Lácová
On phthalides and 1,3-indandiones. LIV. The synthesis of 3-(2-alkyloxy-1-naphthylmethylene)phthalides and 2-(2-alkyloxy-l-naphthyl)-1,3-indandiones 536 543
M. Lácová and A. Komínek
Reactions of saccharides catalyzed by molybdate ions. VI. Epimerization of aldotetroses 544 546
V. Bílik and Ľ. Stankovič
Reactions of saccharides catalyzed by molybdate ions. VII. Preparation of L-ribose, D-, and L-lyxose 547 550
V. Bílik and J. Čaplovič
Aldobiouronic acids obtained from gum polysaccharides of the Prunus genus trees. V. Infrared spectroscopy 551 553
J. Rosík, A. Kardošová, and J. Kubala
Composition of the dewaxed medium-viscous Romashkino-Mukhanovo lubricating oil distillate 554 559
Š. Holotik, M. Kuraš, and V. Veselý

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