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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 26, Number 2 / 1972, Pages 97 – 192

Electronic Structure and Absorption Spectrum of Copper(II)-bis(2-imine-4-amine methylpentane) Nitrate 97 102
T. Obert
Kinetics of the Oxidation of Tris(oxalato)chromate(III) Ion by Manganese (III) Ions 103 109
M. Fico and Ľ. Treindl
Potential Sweep Voltammetry of Aluminium(III) Perchlorate in Dimethylformamide 110 114
M. Galová
The Voltammetry of Triarylmethane Dyes in Acetonitrile and an Attempt to Correlate their Half-Wave Potentials with Quantum Chemical Characteristics 115 125
I. Němcová and I. Němec
Coulometric Bromometric Titration of Free and Coordinately Linked Cyanides 126 132
J. Mocák, D. I. Bustin, and M. Žiaková
Polarographic Investigation of Unsubstituted Benzohydroxamic Chlorides 133 139
F. Grambal, J. Ševčík, and J. Mollin
Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide by Oxygen on Palladium and Ruthenium Catalyst 140 148
J. Pálka and M. Gregor
Formation of Formic Acid and its Esters under Conditions of Hydroformylation 149 153
M. Polievka and E. J Mistrík
Hydroesterification of Olefins under Conditions of Hydroformylation 154 159
M. Polievka and V. Macho
Optical Rotatory Dispersion Studies. VI. Aldobiuronic Acids 160 162
T. Sticzay, C. Peciar, J. Rosík, and J. Kubala
Electron-Transfer Effects in Conjugated Isothiocyanate Systems 163 167
A. Martvoň, A. Beňo, and M. Uher
Study of the endo- and exo-Isomers of 5-Acylbicyclo[2.2.1]hept-2-enes and their Ethynylated Products 168 172
V. Sutoris, J. Hrivňák, and A. Richterová
Hydrogen bonding in phenols. VII. Synthesis and intermolecular hydrogen bonds of 2-hydroxy-2',4'-disubstituted stilbenes 173 178
E. Solčániová, Š. Kováč, and M. Rendošová
Alternative Syntheses of Methylated Sugars. VI.* 3,4-Di-O-methyl- and 4,6-Di-O-methyl-D-glucopyranose 179 182
P. Kováč and Ž. Longauerová
Reactions of Saccharides Catalyzed by Molybdate Ions. II.* Epimerization of D-Glucose and D-Mannose 183 186
V. Bílik
Reactions of Saccharides Catalyzed by Molybdate Ions. III. Preparation of L-Glucose by Epimerization of L-Mannose or L-Mannose Phenylhydrazone 187 189
V. Bílik

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