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Volume 25, Number 3 / 1971, Pages 161 – 240

Heterogeneous inorganic systems. I. New procedure for the determination of representative points. Dynamic liquidometry 161 168
M. Ebert and J. Eysseltová
Preparation of N-methylamidoselenates 169 176
J. Krejčí, I. Horsák, and K. Dostál
Fluctuation in the intensity of a light radiation. Observation methods, results, and applications 177 183
J. Bril, H. Dieudonne, and G. Duverneuil
Phase Separation in Ternary Systems Induced by Crosslinking 184 189
K. Dušek
Notes on Differential Refractometry and Light Scattering of Polymer or Copolymer Solutions in Mixed Solvents 190 195
P. Kratochvíl and Z. Tuzar
Unperturbed dimensions of random copolymer molecules in binary mixed solvents 196 202
A. V. Gevorkyan
Transport Phenomena in Ternary Polymer Solutions 203 214
L.-O. Sundelöf
On Phthalides and 1,3-Indandiones. XLIII. Preparation of 2-(l-Naphthyl)-l,3-indandiones and 2-(2-Naphthyl)-l,3-indandiones Substituted in Position 5 of the Indandione Ring and in Position 4(1) of the Naphthalene Ring 215 221
M. Hrnčiarová and P. Hrnčiar
Action of Sodium Hypochlorite on α-Amino Acids 222 230
A. Kantouch and S. H. Abdel-Fattah

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