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Volume 23, Number 4 / 1969, Pages 241 – 320

The Effect of Admixtures in Solid Phases and of Geometrical Properties of Particles on Equilibrium of the Reaction L(s) = M(s) + N(g) 241 253
I. Proks
Solvent selectivity in liquid model systems 1-hexene-benzene-solvent. I. Selectivity of anhydrous solvent 254 261
J. Dojčanský and J. Surový
Solvent selectivity in liquid model systems 1-hexene-benzene-solvent. II. Selectivity of water-containing solvent 262 269
J. Dojčanský and J. Surový
Liquid-vapor equilibrium of the trans-1,3-dichloro-2-buten/2,3,4-trichloro-1-butene system 270 274
M. Čihová, J. Vojtko, and M. Hrušovský
Polarography of 4-Substituted 4'-Isothiocyanatodiphenyl Sulfides 275 280
A. Beňo, M. Uher, and A. M. Kardoš
Antioxidant 252'-Selenobis(4-methyl-6-ř-butylphenol) Preparation, Infrared and Mass Spectra 281 285
Š. Korček, Š. Holotík, J. Leško, and V. Veselý
Hydroformylation of α,β-unsaturated acid esters 286 294
E. J. Mistrík and J. Durmis
Fluorine determination in food and feed with the aid of the zirconium-SPADNA[2-(4-sulfophenylazo)-1,8-dihydroxy-3,6-naphthalene disulfonic acid] system after diffusion separation from perchloric acid 295 300
J. Tušl
Oil oxidation. XIII. Apparatus for determining the oxidation stability of mineral oils 301 306
Š. Korček, J. Baxa, and V. Veselý

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