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Volume 22, Number 8 / 1968, Pages 561 – 640

Copper(II) complexes with organic ligands. IX. o-Cresotato copper(II) complexes with nitrogen-containing ligands 561 570
J. Krätsmár-Šmogrovič and J. Sokolík
Modification of the spectrochemical isodensity method 571 577
Ž. Rybarová
(NH4)2HPO3-H3PO3-H2O System 578 583
M. Ebert and J. Grospietsch
Analytical methods based upon back scattering and absorption of radioactive radiation. VI. Determination of α-bromoisovalerylurea and zinc oxide in a mixture of organic substances by γ-back scattering 584 590
E. Havránek and P. Schiller
Analysis of technical cresols by gas chromatography 591 598
O. Mlejnek
Liquid-vapor equilibrium of the methanol-2,3-dichloro-1,3-butadiene system 599 604
M. Čihová, J. Vojtko, and M. Hrušovský
The role of the emulsifier in grafting oxidized polypropylene by styrene in the presence of iron(II) sulfate and triethylenetetramine 605 609
P. Citovický and D. Mikulášová
Esterification of hydroxyethyl cellulose with p-nitrobenzoyl chloride at the phase interface 610 614
M. Pašteka and F. Brauer
Chemistry of some rare elements. LI. Scandium glycinate 615 617
F. Petrů and F. Jursík
Solubility of some nitrogen-phosphate compounds 618 621
Ľ. Meznik and M. Kouřil
Spectrophotometric determination of acetyl groups in o-acetyl derivatives of sugars 622 626
V. Bilík and Š. Kučár
Developmental theory on biradical polymerization 627 637
E. Borsig and M. Lazár

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