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Volume 54, Number 6b / 2000, Pages 413 – 501

L/L Equilibria of Dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylic Acid in Water—Solvent Systems with Trioctylamine as an Extractant 413 422
J. Marták and Š. Schlosser
Pertraction of Silver through Bulk Liquid Membranes 423 429
M. Vajda, Š. Schlosser, and K. Kováčová
Coupled Membrane Processes and their Biomimetic Fundamentals 430 436
R. Wódzki and P. Szczepański
Calorimetric Studies of CO2 Absorption into Toluene/Water Emulsions 437 441
H. Kierzkowska-Pawlak and R. Zarzycki
Dipeptide Enzymatic Synthesis in a Two-Phase Membrane Reactor 442 447
A. Trusek-Holownia and A. Noworyta
Behaviour of Anaerobic Baffled Reactor Treating Nonacidified Wastewater 448 455
L. Mrafková, M. Hutňan, and M. Drtil
Application of a Magnetic Tracer Method for the Characterization of Hydrodynamics in Internal-Loop Airlift Bioreactors 456 466
J. Klein, O. Dolgoš, Š. Godó, M. Blažej, and J. Markoš
Single Coal Char Particle Combustion in the Carbon Dioxide Atmosphere 467 472
R. Žajdlík, J. Markoš, Ľ. Jelemenský, and B. Remiarová
Modelling of Nonlinear Behaviour during Combustion of Single Coal Char Particle 473 481
Ľ. Jelemenský, J. Markoš, R. Žajdlík, and B. Remiarová
Error in the Estimation of Effective Diffusion Coefficients from Sorption Measurements 482 488
D. Bobok and E. Besedová
Mathematical and Experimental Modelling of Sorption Processes in a Fixed Bed Adsorber 489 495
M. Šoóš, P. Rajniak, and R. Žajdlík
Plasma-Modi ed Porous Membranes 496 501
M. Bryjak, I. Gancarz, and G. Poźniak

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