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Volume 21, Number 8 / 1967, Pages 561 – 664

Separation of rare-earth elements from fission products of uranium by electrophoretic focusing 561 570
E. W. Guenther and K. Starke
Separation of ruthenium-106 from fission products on inorganic redox ion exchangers 571 578
R. Winkler, B. Sansoni, and K. Starke
Production of uniform metal films for measuring soft β-rays from tin-121 579 585
D. Schmidt and K. Starke
A New Method of Labelling Rose Bengal with 131I and 125I 586 591
P. Raban and V. Gregora
Determination of trace impurities in trichlorosilane by activation analysis 592 601
H. Rausch, G. I. Csada, and E. Szabó
New inorganic and organometallic forms of astatine 602 610
Y. V. Norseev and V. A. Khalkin
Yields of radioactive isotopes 22Na, 54Mn, 57Co and 181W  in nuclear reactions with protons, deuterons, and α-particles 611 615
P. P. Dmitriev and N. N.Krasnov
Separation of some radioactive isotopes from cyclotron targets 616 619
J. G. Sevasťjanov and A..S. Bezmaternych
Chromium phosphate and some of its ion-exchange properties 620 624
L. Szirtes and L. Zsinka
Migration of radioactive elements in a tube with temperature gradient 625 628
J. Mérinis and G. Bouissieres
Some Aspects of Radiochemical Separation Methods 629 637
D. Betteridge

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