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Volume 20, Number 9 / 1966, Pages 641 – 696

Hydrogenation of α,β-unsaturated aldehydes on Raney zinc catalysts 641 649
E. J. Mistrik, J. Nevydal, and V. Macho
Effect of substituents and their position in the benzene nucleus on the insecticide activity of the phenyl-substituted O,O-dimethyl O-phenyl thiophosphates, O,O-diethyl O-phenyl thiophosphates, and N-methyl phenyl carbamates 650 660
M. Furdík, J. Drábek, I. Locigová, and J. Ondrejka
Aminolysis of sucrose. IX. Reactions of sucrose with aqueous hydrazine solutions at elevated temperatures 661 668
I. Ježo and I. Lužák
Reaction products of magnesium with water at elevated temperatures 669 675
V. Brožek and B. Hájek
Chromatographic separation of Cr (III), Mn(II), Co(II), Fe(III), and Ni(II) 676 681
V. Koprda and M. Fojtík
Determination of Ni and Fe in ferrite cores (computers) by activation analysis 682 686
V. Kliment
Isothiocyanates. XVI. Preparation of isothiocyanates with labeled 35S 687 691
J. Augustín, Ľ. Drobnica, and F. Kouřil
Decomposition of vitamin B12 by ozone 692 695
J. Konečný and J. Toelgyessy

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