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Volume 18, Number 3 / 1964, Pages 161 – 240

The solution of the phase problem in isomorphous series 161 171
F. Hanic
Solubility diagram of the system Li2HPO3-H3PO3-H2O at 25° 172 177
M. Ebert and Z. Pacl
The solubility of gases in nonelectrolyte mixtures. The solubility of carbon dioxide in the binary nonaqueous mixtures 178 185
L. Koudelka
Aminolysis of sucrose. IV. Reaction of sucrose with aqueous solution of ethylenediamine 186 198
I. Ježo and I. Lužák
Spectrophotometric determination of small amounts of hexachlorocyclopentadiene in the atmosphere 199 202
M. Paldan
The separation of some alkaline earth elements on ion exchangers 203 208
E. Hantabál, M. Fojtík, V. Rusek, and T. Trnovec
pH chromatography of antibiotics. VI. Separation of natural penicillins in the mixtures 209 213
V. Betina
The sulfonation of furfural diethyl acetal and furfural diacetate 214 217
A. Jurášek, J. Kováč, R. Kada, and R. Frim
Acetylation of amines with α-acetoxyacrylonitrile 218 221
J. Pokorný
The transformation of steroids with Ustilago violacea 222 224
B. Škárka and J. Peciar
The evaluation of gas-liquid chromatograms with a dial plate inclinometer 225 227
J. Hrivňák
The physical significance of the parachor 228 233
V. Kellö and M. Liška

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