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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 15, Number 11-12 / 1961, Pages 777 – 937

Dynamics of adsorption in batch operation of columns from the standpoint of the equations of height of a transfer unit 777 788
Š. Kachaňák
Isothiocyanates. IX. Infrared spectra of amino derivatives and isothiocyanate derivatives of acridine and benzacridine 815 829
P. Kristián
The effect of acetylene and some of its homologs on oxo synthesis 830 838
V. Macho, M. Marko, and M. Čiha
Alkaloids in Leucojum vernum in above-ground parts 839 842
J. Tomko, I. Bendík, O. Bauerová, J. Mokrý, and Š. Bauer
Identification of antibiotic S-82 843 847
V. Betina, P. Nemec, J. Balan, and Š. Kováč
pH chromatography of antibiotics. III. Basic antibiotics 848 852
V. Betina
pH chromatography of antibiotics. IV. Amphoteric antibiotics 853 858
V. Betina and P. Nemec
pH chromatography of antibiotics. V. Neutral antibiotics 859 864
V. Betina
Rapid determination of inorganic components in organic material 865 868
D. Prístavka
Resorcylidenethiosemicarbazone in analytical chemistry. I 869 872
R. Rusina
Spectrophotometric study of the reaction of cobalt with resorcylidenethiosemicarbazone. II 873 884
R. Rusina
Identification and determination of phenol, p-cresol, dian (bisphenol A) and p-hydroxybenzoic acid with paper chromatography 885 889
O. Mlejnek and H. Sečkářová
The determination of galacturonic acid 890 894
V. Zitko, J. Rosík, and J. Vašátko
Potentiometric determination of theophylline and theobromine in the mixture 895 901
C. Peciar and K. Linek
Study of structural changes in polycaproamide fibers by infrared absorption spectroscopy 902 908
I. Diačik and M. Jambrich
Preparation of technical mixtures of polyhydric phenols for resin products. I. Difen and pyrocatechol waste 909 913
J. Gašperík, K. Zvachova-Huppmannová, and J. Zvach
Preparation of technical mixtures of polyhydric phenols for resin products. II. The condensation of difen with formaldehyde in alkaline medium 914 917
J. Gašperík, K. Zvachova-Huppmannová, and J. Zvach
Semiquantitative paper-chromatographic microdetermination of silica in the presence of phosphate, carbonate, sulfate, and arsenate 918 921
E. Malý
Preparation of yeast zymosan 922 927
A. Ginterová, Ľ. Mitterhauszerová, and M. Grodovský
Index 938 980

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