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Volume 14, Number 1 / 1960, Pages 3 – 83

Application of Zimm's method for the determination of the molecular weight of natural rubber 3 7
J. Vavra
Adsorption equilibriums of carbon disulfide on active carbon. II. An application of potential theory 8 13
Š. Kachaňák
Potentiometric method for the study of evolved gaseous HCl during the thermal destruction of poly(vinyl chloride) 14 20
M. Lisý and Š. Varga
An oscillopolarographic determination of quinine alkaloids 21 31
L. Molnár and K. Molnárová
The determination of polysulfide sulfur in solutions of barium polysulfide and the relation of its maximum amount on time 32 37
G. Blőckinger
The reduction of 1-benzyloxymethyl-3,4-dihydro-6,7-dimethoxyisoquinoline 38 43
I. Ježo, M. Karvaš, and K. Tihlárik
Phthalides and 1,3-indandione. VI. Prepn. of halogen and nitro derivatives of β-naphthalide and 2-(β-naphthyl)1,3-indandione 44 58
M. Furdík and P. Hrnčiar
Some derivatives of dithiophosphinic acids and their insecticide effect 59 63
M. Furdík, J. Mašek, and R. Kapasný
Texture and structural changes in nylon fibers. III 64 75
V. Hurt, M. Jambrich, and M. Javorek
Molasses in biosynthesis of chlorotetracycline 76 79
D. Ivančenko, J. Zelinka, and L. Janu
New devices in paper chromatography 80 83
A. R. Neurath and F. Frič

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