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Volume 14, Number 5 / 1960, Pages 327 – 405

Equilibrium of the liquid-vapor system of isopropyl chloride and allyl chloride 327 333
J. Dykyj, J. Paulech, and M. Šepráková
The effect of external and internal diffusion on the rate of adsorption on active carbon 334 344
Š. Kachaňák
Diffusion in polypropylene. I. Kinetics of desorption of water 345 352
J. Očadlík and L. Valko
Physicochemical study of some systems important in the production of aluminum. II. The phase diagram of the system Na3AlF6-CaF2-NaCl 353 364
K. Matiašovský and M. Malinovský
Isothiocyanates. V. The effect of the isothiocyanate group on the aromatic ring 365 371
K. Antoš, P. Kristián, A. Hulka, R. Rusina, P. Nemec, and Ľ. Drobnica
Graphite indicator electrode for potentiometric neutralization titrations 372 384
J. Berčík
The determination of the solubility of bismuth fluoride by the method of radioactive indicators 385 387
V. Kriváň and Z. Hladký
Alkenyl silanes. Preparation and polymerization 388 403
I. Šimek

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