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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 14, Number 7 / 1960, Pages 487 – 550

Derivatives of ferrocene. I. The synthesis from acetylferrocene 501 512
M. Furdík, P. Elečko, Š. Toma, and J. Suchý
The reaction of 1-chloro-6,7-dimethoxyisoquinoline with hydrazine hydrate 513 516
I. Ježo, M. Karvaš, and K. Tihlárik
Study of boiling hops with a radioactive indicator 517 520
P. Schiller
Analytical control in the production of ethylene oxide by direct oxidation of ethylene 521 524
J. Janda
Determination of apparent constants of the transfer of dialkylxanthogen at low-temperature emulsion copolymerization of butadiene with styrene 525 534
Š. Kamenár
Biochemistry in the production of spicy paprika. IV. Various kinds of natural wilting 535 539
V. Zitko and R. Ondreička
Use of infrared absorption spectroscopy for the determination of the degree of crystallization of polypropylene, prepared by stereospecific polymerization 540 546
I. Diačik and M. Jambrich
Crystal structure of mullite 547 550
S. Ďurovič

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