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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 13, Number 7-8 / 1959, Pages 385 – 494

Physicochemical study of petroleum fractions. II. Qualitative analysis of distillate fractions of domestic crude oils and their chromatographic fractions 388 395
V. Pallo and J. Prokeš
Physicochemical study of petroleum fractions. III. Qualitative analysis by infrared spectroscopy 396 422
A. Tkáč
Physicochemical study of petroleum fractions. IV. Electric properties of hydrocarbons from domestic crude oils 423 429
V. Pallo and J. Prokeš
Solubility of sulfur dioxide in aqueous solutions of sodium hydrogen sulfite 430 435
V. Kubelka
Aliphatic esters of carbamic acid 436 445
J. Macko and S. Gahér
Gas volumetric determination of ammonium ions in ammonium salts 446 453
J. Polčin
The determination of volatile fatty acids by paper chromatography 454 463
D. Haľama
Sulfate lignin. III. Elementary composition and functional groups 464 469
J. Farkaš
Domestic bentonite for the preparation of penicillin substrate 471 478
I. Vaňo
Calcium determination in egg shell by flame photometer 479 483
K. Marcinka
Effect of conditions of steeping on yield of corn starch 484 492
P. Hanula

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