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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 11, Number 11 / 1957, Pages 633 – 692

The aging of the system Cu2+-Cl--Br--acetone 633 640
J. Gažo and T. Šramko
The polymerization of tetrasubstituted allylmethylsilanes. I. Kinetics of the polymerization of allyltrimethylsilane and diallyldimethylsilane 641 650
D. Mikulášová and A. Hrivík
Study of l-phenylacetylcarbinol. V 651 655
Š. Bauer, L. Masler, Š. Országh, J. Mokrý, and J. Tomko
Synthesis of some derivatives of alkaloids. XI 656 659
L. Dúbravková, I. Ježo, P. Šefčovič, and Z. Votický
Catalysts for vinyl chloride. III. The conditions for development of side reaction products 660 668
J. Janda and A. Vanko
Kinetics of the biosynthesis of itaconic acid 669 680
J. Arpai and F. Valentin
Study of Harden-Young's effects. IV 681 684
A. Kocková-Kratochvílová, K. Tomášek, and A. Gebauerová
Photoelectric modification of Pulfrich's visual photometer for microdeterminations 685 692
A. Gréser

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