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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 7, Number 10 / 1953, Pages 601 – 683

Applying the Tyndall effect for mercurimetric titration 601 604
J. Vřešťál, A. Jílek, and J. Havíř
Mercurimetric determination of chlorides 605 610
J. Vřešťál, A. Jílek, and J. Havíř
Oxidimetric determination of hydrazine salts 611 622
A. Jílek and J. Brandštetr
The reaction of tellurium with thiourea. III. The effect of other ions on the colorimetric determination of tellurium with thiourea 623 633
A. Jílek and J. Vřešťál
Aging of Schweizer's reagent 634 644
R. Domanský
The reactivity of the methyl group on a heterocyclic ring. VI. The condensation of quinaldine methiodide with benzaldehyde 645 647
J. Staněk and V. Zvěřina
Determination of polydispersion of cellulose by fractionated precipitation of its hydroxide solutions 649 657
W. Berndt
The preparation of monoalkyl ether diethylene glycol esters and monoalkyl ether triethylene glycol esters of salicylic and 4-nitrosalicylic acids. I 659 675
Š. Kováč
Tuberculostatic compounds based on the thiocyanate group 676 682
J. Nosek and V. Janoušek
Index 689 703

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