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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 51, Number 6A / 1997, Pages 304 – 366

Interatomic Distances in Barium- and Copper-Based Superconductors 304 309
X. Oudet
Photoinduced Effects in Amorphous Chalcogenides 310 327
M. Frumar, Z. Polák, Z. Černošek, B. Frumarová, and T. Wágner
Preparation of Aluminium Oxide Aerogels 328 331
M. Chovancová, L. Števula, P Hudec, M. Zemanová, and M. Komenda
 Complete Spin Crossover in the [Fe(pybzim)3 ](Cl04)2 H20 Complex 332 338
Ľ. Dlháň, W Linert, F. Renz, and R. Boča
Room Temperature Centred Spin Crossover with Broad Hysteresis in Hexacoordinated [Fe(bzimpy)2KCl04)2 System 339 343
R. Boča, P Baran, and M. Mazur
Adsorption of Argon on Talc: Theoretical and Experimental Study 344 347
L. Turi Nagy, K. Putyera, M. Liška, and D. Tunega
Surface phenomena in gel-derived glasses and glass-ceramics materials of the CaO-P2O5-SiO2 system 348 356
M. Laczka and K. Cholewa
Correlations in ionic solids by means of ab initio quantum chemistry 357 362
K. Doll, M. Dolg, P. Fulde, and H. Stoll
MDF-related compositions based on novel low-energy clinkers 363 366
M. Drábik, L. Gáliková, F. Hanic, and J.H. Sharp

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