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Volume 54, Number 2 / 2000, Pages 61 – 130

Thermodynamic Equilibrium between Melt and Crystalline Phase of a Compound AqBr with Dystectic Melting Point I. Theoretical Approach 61 65
I. Proks, V. Daněk, L. Kosa, I. Nerád, and K. Adamkovičová
Complexation of Titanium (IV) with 4-Nitrocatechol and Tetrazolium Salts Tetrazolviolet and Iodonitrotetrazolium Chloride 66 71
S. Kostova, A. Dimitrov, and A. Alexandrov
Complexes of (Z)-2-Amino-a-(methoxyimino)-4-thiazoleacetic Acid with Some Transition Metals and their Scavenger Effects on O2- Radicals 72 74
M. Wang, Y. Z. Li, and L. F. Wang
Mass Spectra of Some 2-Substituted Derivatives of Quinoline-4-carboxylic Acids and their Amides 75 77
J. Leško and B. Lásiková
Some New Nitrogen Bridgehead Heterocyclic Cyanine Dyes 78 86
A. I. M. Koraiem, H. A. Shindy, and R. M. Abu El-Hamd
(N-Salicylidene-L-glutamato)copper(II) Complexes Containing Imidazole and Pyridine Derivatives 87 90
A. Kohútová, A. Valent, E. Mišíková, and D. Mlynarčík
Synthesis of Some N,N'-Diphenylalkanediamides and their Photosynthesis-Inhibiting Activity 91 94
L. Kubicová, K. Král'ová, J. Kuneš, and K. Waisser
Development in Voltammetric Analysis with Chemically Modified Electrodes and Biosensors 95 103
J. Labuda, M. Vaničková, M. Bučková, and E. Korgová
Chemistry and Emissions of Nitrogen Oxides (NO, N02, N20) in Combustion of Solid Fuels I. Heterogeneous Reactions - NO + N02 104 117
K. Svoboda, J. Čermák, and O. Trnka
Chemistry and Emissions of Nitrogen Oxides (NO, N02 , N20) in Combustion of Solid Fuels II. Heterogeneous Reactions — N20 118 130
K. Svoboda, J. Čermák, and M. Hartman

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