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Effect of selenium oxidation state on cadmium translocation in chamomile plants

K. Kráľová, E. Masarovičová, I. Ondrejkovičová, and M. Bujdoš

Institute of Chemistry, Comenius University, SK-842 15 Bratislava, Slovakia



Received: 9 November 2006  Revised: 25 January 2007  Accepted: 2 February 2007

Abstract: Syntheses and spectral characteristics of cadmium(II) compounds (CdSeO4, CdSeO3, and Cd(NCSe)2(nia)2) containing selenium in oxidation states (VI), (IV), and (-II) are described. In Cd(NCSe)2(nia)2, nicotinamide (nia) and selenocyanate anions are bonded to Cd atom as N-donor monodentate ligands. Nicotinamide is coordinated through the ring nitrogen atom. The effects of these selenium compounds as well as Cd(NCS)2(nia)2 on the growth and Cd accumulation in roots and shoots of hydroponically cultivated chamomile plants (cultivar Lutea) were studied. In the applied concentration range (12–60 µmol dm−3) Cd(NCS)2(nia)2 affected neither the length nor the dry mass of roots and shoots. Other compounds applied at 24 µmol dm−3 and 60 µmol dm−3 significantly reduced dry mass of roots and shoots. Selenium oxidation state in the cadmium compounds affected Cd accumulation in plant organs as well as Cd translocation within the plants, which was reflected in the values of bioaccumulation (BAF) and translocation factors (S/R). Cd amount accumulated by shoots was lower than that in the roots. The highest BAF values determined for Cd accumulation in shoots were obtained with CdSeO4. Substitution of S with Se in the Cd(NCX)2(nia)2 (X = Se or S) caused an increase of Cd translocation into the shoots.

Keywords: cadmium selenate - cadmium selenite - NCS and NCSe ligands - bioaccumulation - plant organs

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DOI: 10.2478/s11696-007-0015-6


Chemical Papers 61 (3) 171–175 (2007)

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