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Calculation of isotherms in the phase-diagram of the system Li3AlF6-LiF-CaF2

J. Vrbenská and I. Koštenská

Department of Electrotechnology, Slovak Technical University, CS-812 19 Bratislava


Abstract: Isotherms in the phase diagram of the system Li3AlF6—LiF—CaF2 were calculated using different models of the melt. It was found that the model respecting partial thermal dissociation of complex anion AlFl6-3, temperature dependence of Δ H(fus, CaF2) and assuming dissociation of CaF2 into CaF+ and F- gives the best agreement with experimental data. Decrease of the degree of thermal dissociation of cryolite anion with increasing concentration of components LiF and CaF2 proves the beneficial effect of these substances in aluminium electrolyte on the decrease of fluorine emissions.

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Chemical Papers 40 (2) 167–176 (1986)

Wednesday, December 07, 2022

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