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Photochemical reactions in butadiene-styrene rubber. I. Influence of complex compounds of cobalt and copper on crosslinking process

J. Hrivíková, A. Blažková, A. Filipovičová, and L. Lapčík

Department of Physical Chemistry, Slovak Technical University, CS-812 37 Bratislava


Abstract:  The influence of trace amounts of metal compounds and irradiation time on photocrosslinking process in the system butadiene—styrene copolymer with anthracene was investigated. The degree of crosslinking was yaluated according to structural changes determined by means of absorption bands in infrared and ultraviolet spectra, by determining the value of gel fraction and the limiting viscosity number of soluble portion of polymer and by analyzing the kinetic curves in the process of swelling of irradiated films. It has been found that Co(II) acetylacetonate catalyzes the crosslinking process in the whole investi­ gated range of mass ratios (0.005—0.1 mg of catalyst for 1 g of rubber) especially in the initial stage of irradiation, while Cu(II) acetylacetonate is effective if its content is the lowest or the highest. In the presence of 0.005 mg up to 0.05 mg of Cu(II) acetylacetonate for 1 g of rubber, this substance functions partially as a catalyst of disproportionation.

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Chemical Papers 38 (6) 787–801 (1984)

Monday, June 17, 2024

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