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Furan derivatives. CC. Study of the reactions of 2-X-3-(5-Y-2-furyl- and -2-thienyl)acrylonitriles with 4-aminopyridine

V. Knoppová, M. Kríž, and J. Kováč

Department of Organic Chemistry, Slovak Technical University, CS-812 37Bratislava


Abstract:  Kinetics of the reaction of 2-X-3-(5-bromo-2-furyl- and -2-thienyl)acrylonitriles (where X = CN, COOCH3) with 4-aminopyridine and pyridine has been studied in methyl ethyl ketone at 40 °C, 50 °C, and 70 °C. The reactivity is compared with respect to nucleophility of the reagent, nature of the elec­tron-withdrawing group in the position 2 of the heterocyclic ring, and to the nature of the 5-membered heterocycle. When running these reactions in DMFA, DMSO, and HMPT, a donor-acceptor complex was formed due to interaction of the substrate with the solvent. The time dependence of formation of these complexes is discussed.

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Chemical Papers 38 (3) 425–430 (1984)

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