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Dissociation of the anions AlF63- in the system Na3AlF6 —Na2SO4

I. Koštenská and M. Malinovský

Department of Inorganic Technology, Slovak Technical University, 880 37 Bratislava


Abstract:  The course of the liquidus of Na2SO4 in the system Na3AIF6 —Na2SO4 was determined. The eutectic point was found to be at 9.0 mole % Na3AlF6 and 91.0 mole % Na2SO4, tE = 794.5°C. The solubility of Na3AIF6 in solid Na2SO4 is negligible. The course of the liquidus curve of Na2SO4 in the composition interval of 91.0—96.0 mole % Na2SO4 is consistent with the assumption that the anions AlF63- undergo thermal dissociation according to the scheme AlF63- ⇌ AIF4- + 2F-. At a very low content of Na3AIF6 in Na2SO4 a total destruction of the anions AlF4 takes place under the formation of 7 new elementary particles from each molecule of Na3AIF6 in molten Na2SO4 . In the eutectic point of the system Na3AIF6—Na2SO4 the degree of thermal dissociation of AlF63- anions according to the given scheme equals 0.67. The calculated dissociation degree of pure cryolite is 0.21. The conclusions of some other papers concerning the given problems are discussed.

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Chemical Papers 32 (6) 821–829 (1978)

Thursday, September 21, 2023

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