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Thermodynamic properties of some molten alkali fluoride-beryllium fluoride mixtures

J. L. Holm

Institute of Physical Chemistry, The University of Trondheim, N- 7034 Trondheim, NTH, Norway


Abstract: The enthalpies of fusion of both Li2BeF4 and Na2BeF4 were measured and the values of 41.9 and 25.5 kJ mol-1, resp., were found. The equations for the partial enthalpy of mixing, partial excess Gibbs free energy, and partial excess entropy (in all cases at 1135 K) for the BeF2 as well as for the LiF side were derived. The integral excess quantities of mixing for molten LiF-BeF2 mixts. were calcd. The structural reasons for the obtained values of the studied thermodn. quantities were discussed.

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Chemical Papers 30 (6) 759–767 (1976)

Friday, September 30, 2022

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