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Reactions of copper(II) chloride with triphenylphosphine. Isolation and identification of some oxidation-reduction products

D. Makáňová, G. Ondrejovič, and J. Gažo

Lehrstuhl für anorganische Chemie der Slowakischen Technischen Hochschule, 880 37 Bratislava


Abstract:  By the reaction of copper(II) chloride with triphenylphosphine present in molar ratios 1 1 a n d 1 : 4 in acetone t h e complexes CuCl(TPP), CuCl(TPP)2 , CuCl(TPP)3 as well as the complexes CuCl2(TPPO)2, CuCl2(TPPO)4 • 2H20, and Cu4OCl6 (TPPO)4 are formed. These complexes were isolated from reaction mixtures. The complex CuCl2(TPPO)4 • 2 H20 decomposes during thermal dehydration at 100°C into CuCl2(TPPO)2 and TPPO. Adsorption chromatography on aluminium oxide was used for the separation of the complexes with TPPO which were formed in solution containing copper(II) chloride and triphenylphosphine in molar ratio 1 : 1 . I n this paper the causes of the reduction of copper(II) compounds by triphenylphosphine are elucidated and the possible mechanisms of oxidation-reduction processes are discussed with respect to the character of isolated products and t h e present knowledge on oxidation-reduction processes involving copper(II) complexes.

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Chemical Papers 27 (1) 4–13 (1973)

Monday, June 24, 2024

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