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Influence of water on the rate of cationic polymerization of styrene. III. Inhibition and induction periods, nonstationarity

M. Kučera, J. Švábik, and K. Majerová


Abstract: Both inhibition and induction periods of the tin tetrachloride-catalyzed styrene polymerization increase monotonously with the increasing concentration of water in the system. The overall polymerization rate proceeds, under these conditions, through a maximum. If the concentration of water in the nonpolar medium is less than equimolar with regard to the initiator, then the conversion curve assumes the form of several waves. Each wave resembles an independent polymerization process with its inhibition and induction period. The length of waves and both periods is a function of identical factors. Neither tin tetrachloride monohydrate nor d i hydrate can be an initiating centre. The concentration of active centres slowly decreases even during the main stage of polymerization.

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Chemical Papers 27 (3) 365–371 (1973)

Friday, June 21, 2024

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