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Effect of Organic Bases on the Hydroesterif ication of Propylene

V. Macho, M. Polievka, and F. Gregor

Research Institute of Petrochemistry, Nov√°ky


Abstract: The hydroesterification of propylene with carbon monoxide and n-butanol (monohydric alcohols) at 160°C and in the presence of octacarbonyldicobalt functioning as a catalyst is activated mainly by ß- and y-picoline while α-picoline, lutidines, and collidines are practically inactive. According to their activation effect, the bases investigated may be arranged in the sequence β-picoline ≥ pyridine ≥ γ-picoline > quinoline > α-picoline, lutidines. Mono-, di-, and triethanolamine as well as ammonia have only retardation effect. On the other hand, β-picoline has a distinct retardation effect provided glycols have been used for the hydroesterification of propylene instead of monohydric alcohols.

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Chemical Papers 25 (1) 44–48 (1971)

Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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