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Particle Size Determination of Poly disperse Latex by Light Scattering

J.Vavra, D. Stojková, and V. Chrástová

Department of Physical Chemistry, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava 1


Abstract: The applicability of simple transversal light scattering methods for particle size determination of poly disperse emulsion has been investigated. By the study of PVAc latex with weight average diameter of 980 nm the minimum intensity, dissymmetry and scattering ratio methods were applied, always with the use of Mie's theory. The measurements were carried out on photogoniodiffusometer Sofica, which in principle is without reflexions. In agreement with theoretical assumptions, the depolarization measurements gave a higher, dissymmetry a lower value of diameter in comparison with Dw. The method of minimum intensity proved to be unsuitable. The theoretical values of dissymmetry for m = 1.10 and α  = 0(0.2)10.0 for a nonpolarized, vertically and horizontally polarized primary beam were also calculated.

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Chemical Papers 23 (7) 481–487 (1969)

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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