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Device for withdrawal of krypton-85 for preparation of radioactive kryptonates

Š. Varga, J. Tölgyessy, V. Jesenák, and B. Filip

Department of Radiochemistry and Radiation Chemistry, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: Device for withdrawing and dosing of radioactive krypton has been designed and the procedure has been elaborated. Radioactive krypton 85Kr was adsorbed over charcoal at the temperature of liquid nitrogen. The dosing device was rilled with radioactive krypton at the atmospheric pressure by desorption of 85Kr from charcoal by means of a mercury manostat. Krypton is withdrown through a rubber membrane below the mercury level by succion in a syringe. Before repeating this process, the pressure inside the dosing device should be equilibrated to the atmospheric pressure anew. Tins device makes it possible to withdraw krypton at atmospheric pressure and to controle the amount of it. Designed device is used for preparing radioactive kryptonates.

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Chemical Papers 22 (4) 300–303 (1968)

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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