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Liquid-vapor equilibrium of the methanol-2,3-dichloro-1,3-butadiene system

M. Čihová, J. Vojtko, and M. Hrušovský

Lehrstuhl für organische Technologie an der Slowakischen Technischen Hochschule, Bratislava


Abstract: The dependence of the vapor pressure of 2,3-dichloro-1,3-butadiene (I) on temp. t and the equil. of the system MeOH-I was measured at an abs. pressure of 200 torr. The Antoine equation is valid for the vapor pressure of I: log P = 8.0014 - (2040.5/296.6 + t). The system MeOH-I forms an azeotrope with a min. b.p. and has a great deviation from Raoult's law, as was proven by the values of the activity coeffs. The compn. corresponding to the azeotropic point at the given pressure is x1 = y1 = 0.772 and the corresponding temp. is tazeot. = 31.65°.

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Chemical Papers 22 (8) 599–604 (1968)

Monday, June 17, 2024

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