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Separation of ruthenium-106 from fission products on inorganic redox ion exchangers

R. Winkler, B. Sansoni, and K. Starke

Univ. Marburg, Marburg, Fed. Rep. Ger.


Abstract: The sepn. of 106Ru from U fission products in 2-year old soln., slightly acid of 2 μ c. concn., by applying Ru carrier and by the redn. on the inorg. redox ion exchanger BioRad-HZO-1-Dithionite giving a yield of 99.4%, is described. By the chromatographic analysis, in the eluate 137Cs and 90Sr were detected at pH 4.0 with 0.1 N NH4NO3. By the selective elution with 6 N NH4NO3 at pH 1.0, 90Y, 144Ce, 144Pr, and 147Pm were detd. Under the exptl. conditions, 95Zr, 95Nb, residual Ru, and a small amt. of 144Ce remained on the column.

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Chemical Papers 21 (8) 571–578 (1967)

Saturday, February 24, 2024

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