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Identification of alcohols in the octanol fraction, formed by the aldolization of crotonaldehyde

M. Šingliar, I. Volek, and M. Sestrienková

Forschungsinstitut für Petrochemie, Nováky


Abstract: The working procedure and the results of the analyses of the mixt. of C4-C8 alcs. formed by the aldolization of crotonaldehyde and the hydrogenation of the formed aldols to the alcs. was described. For the identification of the individual components, a combination of chem. analyses, chromatography, ir spectroscopy, and hydrogenation was applied. Elution time of various cyclic alcs. and acids are tabulated. In the investigation of the prepn. of higher linear alcs. by the condensation of crotonaldehyde and hydrogenation of the formed aldols, before the analysis proper, the mixt. was sepd. on a rectification column at 38-177° into 6 fractions. These were analyzed by gas chromatography. The C8 and C12 fractions are high in the no. of components. The analyses of the C8 fraction are given. In the 2nd fraction, temp. range 44-98° 1-(N-piperidino)-l-buten-2-ol was detd.

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Chemical Papers 19 (7) 559–569 (1965)

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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