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Artefacts in oscillographic polarography

M. Heyrovský

Polarographic Institute, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Praha


Abstract: Substances not present in the soln. but formed at the electrode during polarization and causing changes of the oscillographic curves are called artefacts. Such formation is one of the reasons for the frequent difference between the results of the oscillographic methods and those of the classical polarography. By comparing results of the two methods with the Kalousek commutator at various frequencies, with the first curves and those obtained with the dropping and the streaming electrode, and with the influence of the d.-c. component and of the compn. of the supporting electrode on the oscillographic curve, it can be distinguished whether the effect is caused by a substance present in the soln. or by an artefact. Artefacts can be classified into electrochem., chem., primary, secondary, reducible, oxidizable, and adsorptive groups.

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Chemical Papers 14 (11-12) 834–842 (1960)

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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