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The determination of polysulfide sulfur in solutions of barium polysulfide and the relation of its maximum amount on time

G. Blőckinger

Pedagogische Hochschule in Bratislava


Abstract: A method for detn. of polysulfide S (I) in BaSx solns. is described. The equations are: 4H3BO3 + 4KCN + BaS5 = BaB4O7 + H2S + 4KSCN + 5H2O, KSCN + 4Br2 + 4H2O = BrCN + H2SO4 + KBr + 6HBr, BrCN + 2KI = I2 + KCN + KBr, HCN + Br2 = BrCN + HBr, and 10CH2O + 4KCN + 2H2O = (CH2)6N4 + 4CH2OH.COOK. In this method the formed HCN is eliminated quant. from the excessive KCN with HCHO, and the decompn. of KSCN is inhibited by decreasing the intensity and shortening the time of boiling. This method indicates that I forms in H2O medium from a mixt. of BaS and S in relation to time. Max. amt. of I is formed after 8 to 10 hrs., and it is retained up to 20 hrs. Then I decreases, and after 200 hrs. it is completely lost.

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Chemical Papers 14 (1) 32–37 (1960)

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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