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4,4'-Dimercaptodibutyl ether and some of its derivatives

Ľ. Krasnec, L. Szücs, and J. Ďurinda

Komensky University, Bratislava


Abstract: [HS(CH2)4]2O (I), b0.4 100-1°, was prepd. with a new method in a shorter time and higher yield (77%) based on the alkali decompn. of dithiuronic salt formed from [Cl(CH2)4]O and thiourea than with the method of Reppe, et al (CA 50, 16777d). By reaction of I with Me2SO4 and Et2SO4 in alkali medium, 78% [MeS(CH2)4]2O (II), b0.5 116°, and 67.5%[EtS(CH2)4]2O (III), b0.4 119-21°, both oily liquids of unpleasant odor, were prepd. By oxidn. of II and III with H2O2 in AcOH, [MeSO2(CH2)4]2O, m. 85.5°, yield 79%, and [EtSO2(CH2)4]2O, m. 99-100°, yield 80.6%, were prepd. By a new method, oxidn. of I with H2O2 in AcOH, [HO3S-(CH2)4]2O (IV), sirup-like liquid, yield 85%, was prepd. By neutralization of IV, Na, K, Pb, and Ba salts were prepd.

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Chemical Papers 14 (6) 464–467 (1960)

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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