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Carbonation of sodium sulfide + sodium carbonate solution

V. Kubelka and J. Hojnoš

Forschungsinstitut für Celluloseindustrie in Bratislava


Abstract: The carbonation of Na2S + Na2CO3 soln. by gaseous CO2 at various concns. and temps. was studied. The elimination of S-- ions at high pH is caused by disturbing the hydrolytic equil. NaHS + H2O = NaOH + H2S by H2S desorption. The governing factor of the speed in carbonation is speed of H2S desorption in soln. At high temp. the S-- elimination is very much increased. The effect of CO2 concn. on S-- elimination is negligible. The compn. of the final carbonated soln., Na2CO3:NaHCO3, is directly dependent on CO2 concn., on the temp. of the soln., and to a lesser degree on the concn. of the soln.

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Chemical Papers 12 (1) 48–53 (1958)

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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