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The polarographic determination of L-ascorbic acid in plants

J. Sedl√°k

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava


Abstract: In the polarographic detn. of L-ascorbic acid (I) in plant matter, the quant. evaluation of the diffusion current can be made by calibration curves based on the relation of concn. of I directly on plant ext. and not on the basic electrolyte. The slope of calibration curves changes according to the plant variety and with a certain variety it changes according to diln. of plant juice with acetate buffer soln. (II) at pH 4.7. Series of analyses and the calibration polarogram have to be carried out on every plant variety at the same ratio of II to the wt. of the sample. The polarographic detn. of I is only exact if plant juices are dild. at least in the ratio 1:1 (with kohlrabi 1:2) with II which is the best for the extn. under anaerobic conditions.

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Chemical Papers 10 (10) 626–635 (1956)

Sunday, February 25, 2024

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