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The kinetics of reactions preceeding and following the electrode process

R. Brdička

Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague


Abstract: The recent methods of detg. the influence of reactions accompanying electrolysis on the transport of the depolarizer were discussed. The following 3 types of reactions were studied: (1) Reaction preceded the electrode process such as in the reduction of acids which was an example of recombination of anions with H ions. (2) Reaction was imposed upon the electrode process. The depolarizer was regenerated from its depolarized product such as in the regeneration of leucoforms during their anodic oxidation in the presence of H. An example was the regeneration of the complex Fe and Ti ions in the reaction with H2O2 or any oxidizing agent. (3) Reactions succeeding the electrode process essentially resulted from the transformation of the polarization product. They were polarographically inactive and did not influence the magnitude of the limiting current, but they could cause a shift of the depolarization potentials, for instance, the anodic oxidation of ascorbic acid in which the electroactive product of the oxidation was transformed into an inactive form of the dehydroascorbic acid. 56 references.

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Chemical Papers 8 (10) 670–692 (1954)

Saturday, February 24, 2024

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